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l. How will Wyoming begin preparing for and managing the incoming water crisis?

Water will be a huge issue. If we don’t figure it all out, we are setting ourselves up for “water wars.” It will be difficult as many water agreements were set up years ago, with the most senior rights having precedence. This problem is not just surface water but also groundwater. The whole water system is connected. Seventy percent of water rights are for agriculture.

Golda Mier, the first prime minister of Isreal, brought the leaders of neighboring countries that never spoke to each other into her kitchen & cooked for them. I want to assemble all of the governors of surrounding states to come to Cheyenne and work on a solution for this huge issue.

This water issue does not just belong to agriculture. We in the towns and cities need to join the effort to use our precious water in the best ways. How do we use water in the best ways for conservation? There are ways. We all need to be part of the solution.

We need to talk more about everything. We need to learn how to listen. We need our younger intelligent people to come up with better ideas.

m. Will Wyoming use new technologies, such as carbon capture, to aid in slowing climate change? How will this be used to stimulate the economy?

I certainly hope so. It’s past time that Wyoming should be the leader in new technology. We have amazing young people here with great ideas that need to be heard. New technology will create jobs and, therefore, will boost our economy. Anything that helps our climate is a great way to help us have a better life. I believe in the younger people here in Wyoming. I believe you will be the difference in bringing Wyoming to a new level.

n. What changes will be implemented to improve the mental health of the population of


Talking about mental health would be a good start. We tend to bury our head about things that we don’t want to believe is happening. Suicide is rampant. Being the #1 state for young suicide is not something to be proud of. We need to start having emotional health classes in schools. We need more mental health workers. We need to grow our own here.

I would think that being more accepting and more liberal in our thinking in our state would be a way to go. I see that the younger generation is more accepting of others. They don’t care what your sexual preference is. They want us all to be happy. Hopefully, they will find ideas to help all of us. I understand mental health because I have suffered from depression. I was lucky to have access to what I needed.

We all need to be part of the solution. A healthy Wyoming is a better Wyoming. Medicaid Expansion would help these services be more available.

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