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Hi, I'm Terry



I have lived in Worland for over 11 years and Wyoming for 28 years. It is the longest I have lived anywhere since I was 16. I served my country for nine years in the USAF and 15 working for the Bureau of Land Management. I worked in several states in special education. My name is Theresa (Terry) Livingston. I need to know what you want for Wyoming.


I want to run. I know how to work with others. I want Wyoming to be the leader of states! I want to have the best ideas for caring for our people. I have lived in many places and have seen what change can do. I am not afraid of change or finding a better way.


Fairfield High School 1968
Solano Community College
Diablo Community College
Sacrament State College
US Air Force Community College
Midwestern University
Central Wyoming Community College
Washakie Leadership School
Bureau of Land Management Land Status & Legal Land Examiner Schools.

Community Activities and Memberships

Washakie Library Board. President
Washakie Visitor Board (Lodging Tax Board)
Crisis Prevention Center
One Cent Sales tax board
Big Horn Outdoor recreation coalition
Blue Way Trails Board
Worland Community Aquatic Center
Team Rubicon


Find a Better Way

Why I am Running

I wish more people would run not just for governor but for the legislature, county & city positions. Women of Wyoming need to step up for themselves, their children, & grandchildren. Younger people must get involved in your state, from the governor to the city council or school boards. I am running because someone had to stand up for women’s rights. Also, for the younger generations as we need them to make Wyoming a better place. Democracy is not a spectator sport.

Top 3 Priorities

Equality. I know everyone thinks it should be our economy, which would be third on the list. Women need all their rights. We need to believe in them and that they will make decisions that are good for Wyoming. Wyoming doesn’t have the resources for unplanned offspring. Next is health care. We need medicare expansion. A healthy Wyoming will lead to a strong workforce. It will also help hospitals and clinics get the required money so we don’t have to watch maternity wards close down. Mental health care is also essential to help slow down the high rate of suicide in our state. After we have equality & medicare expansion, we can work on ways to increase income. We have rare earth minerals, we have intelligent people, and we can brainstorm great ways to have happy, healthy workers that will add the dollars needed. Next, we need to listen to the younger generation. They have great ideas. They leave the state because they don’t believe that we listen to them. Or they leave because they fear for their safety with their lifestyle choices. If we want them to stay, we need to listen to their ideas & love them for who they are.

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